Friday, 19 May 2017

That hanging of explanation

It's been more than two weeks from that misunderstanding and there are the hanging of unclear and some explanation in the air I indeed personally to clarify with this guy called Yousef Hekma.Yes till now we haven't meet up properly though many times postponed. It's just him the one who is the most busiest person in the whole wide world. It's him.

*loud scream*

If you want to talk, come to Kangar I'll be there untill 11pm. Bye

*block me from whatsapp again*

Just back from Kangar next time BYE.

When are you free?

Pick and choose the date, place and time I will confirm

At lake

Friday morning, if i wake up early.


Lets make it in evening after I done with Unimap fm. 4.00pm at library
My bike broke down I might be late

*Ive ready and went to library to meet up just fu*ck*

How long late

*on the way to library met Sophia(Lovely and sweet and sour oh thats the mangoes haha sorry!)
We agreed to walk then once I wait at the library and she went up to change her clothes.

Wait wait and wait patiently and suddenly there was whatsapp voicenote from this big messy 'panda'  saying that

*nothing! I mean he recorded nothing man nadaa!*

Not hear anything, im here at library now btw.

*another voicenote came in*

Im otw to Kangar (or Arau something like that coz there was so much noise at the background) to buy some stuff for program and im not sure when im gonna free

Faqqqqq just faqqqq

Doesn't he did it on purpose? Or really is true of the fact? Whatever.

So, the adventure of me and Sophia for plucking those awesome and scrumptious young mangoes! God bless this place name of Pauh.
We were so thrilled and excited to have a full plastic bag of mangoes oh it just finger licking good!

*ditch Yousef aside like kick him like football*

Free now?

Im not free this weekend maybe later.

I saw you walking alone to pf2 

*wow just wow hah!*

Free now?

I just woke up 

*He is dumb isnt he?*

Free now?
Busy im in Kangar enjoy with Ganga

*Ganga is his quite cool housemate from India*

Free  9pm
Never mind
Will see you on usual day

*cant get what is usual day mean by him? Week day? Walk like before?*

Why every entry recently is all about him? Because Ok

First, he used to said that one day " I will fight with you " while he's unwrapping his corneto ice cream which that was during our early of friendship (see how bad is your mouth we have fighting over and over again)
Secondly, I swear he would never get a better sleep every night until he befriend with me like we used to before and after hear my explanation.
Third, i want to prove that you are the most ever fucking sucking kind one who easily give up on me your friend (idk the rest of ur friend). And i dont simply wanna you do wanna hear me talking or explain for the sake of my mom. I.dont.want. Ok. Let alone you yourself are sincere to open your ears for it.
Forth, should i say that i miss you my brother?

You are just a brother a brother a brother
Coz God knows you are way not good enough for me for beyond that friendship.

*But god knows what deep inside me that*

Still you are just my brother from another mother hahaha

But dont dare the power Of Him Al-Kabir (The Most Almighty) you might take back your word. Cause every words is a doa.

It might be twisted.

Over the moon
Precious ummm yummeh
Eeew look at his teeth! Yucks.