Monday, 8 May 2017

A Row With Yousef (again)

Do you know who to refer if something urgent happened?
Tak faham
Clinic is closed, who can be contacted to get help?
Dr.Hlaing contact’s number
Hey, I just reached can you call back?
Call me pls
What is wrong?
Call again
Do you anyone who can rent motor bike?
I know this one guy he rents superbike 80 per day
Nonono not superbike just normal motorbike
May I know why you wanna rent motor?
I want go on ride just around here with Jannah
Let me see if I can rent mine. Is there your friend have motorbike?
What is wrong? Your mum worried about you why didn’t answer her call.
Had called her
Mun pls call me
I have event now
I’m worried about you
***Pretty liar***

Why called just one ring
Talk to me
Seriously why didn’t you tell me, when and how
R u ok now
For god sake talk
***Whatsapp call***
Sorry I was asleep last night

**Whatsapp Voicenote **
Moon, listen up. I have this enough, you made me so stressed up with all this thing. You made me worried and wondering about you.Come on, when I asked to talk you didn’t talk. At first, you asked for clinic’s number then rent for motorbike and you made me startled with suddenly just one ring when I was sleeping. Then, why did you posted on story that “ooh I miss me and Ganga…” If you miss me, tell I can come meet you now, be grow up. Please, if not just go away okay.Go.Away.
Hey, can you help me I have no one to ask for help but you. Can you find me some limes like this( picture showed) please I don’t have any more chance to postpone my study after this please.
Happened what
Listen up
Goodbye my friend.
I will tell you but not through here please

**Calling Ganga**
Ganga hello?
Hello? Call on my Whatsapp now.
I’m Yousef not Ganga
Where’s Ganga?
**Face palm**

**Whatsapp call ringing nonstop from Yousef, heart thumping crazily, hands & feet freezing like hell**
Call me now
Either we meet at restaurant or Bumita now. I give you two choice before 2am.
I’m going to take shower and go eat outside after cleaning the house.

**Whatsapp voicenote**
Please…not now huh it’s almost 2am NOOO. I hahh.. I don’t know how to tell you what it feels like it’s’s like…okay..remember you did tell me about when you feeling that ‘sick’ you know what I mean? So I’m kinda feel like it but in different way not like that please understand me.

**Whatsapp voicenote**
Listen, when that thing happened I go out okay? I go out. I’m not like someone who yell or slap or shout at your face no I’m not that type. I just don’t trust your words, so I ask to let’s face to each other so I can see with my own eyes your body language are you speaking the truth or not. I believe this is not yourself or this is the real you but I knew you are not that act like this. Don’t act like bitch or people call it slut okay.

I’m not going to sleep with you, I don’t love you, you are NOTHING to me so yeah if it’s not because your mom’s kindness I don’t do this.So I want you to meet and hear your explanation. I love this friendship more than anything I would never give up on my friends if you really wanna know. I don’t care, if you are worried about security, there is guard down in Bumita and again I’m not going to slap or shout at you. No.

It’s already 2am and I have failed to save this friendship. Never mind it’s okay I need to be strong.
Goodbye my friend
I will blocking you everywhere.

**Facebook Messenger**
Sorry and Munirah we are not friend again

What happened dear? Is that she has problem in explaining what is she herself feels until you feel messed up?


People if sick there is evidence based from the hospital showing the illness but she’s different there was not like that. It’s indeed really hard to make people understand about this. So please I hope you can give her some time to explain, for the moment let time heals okay? Hope you could understand Yousef.

**Facebook Messenger**
I have gave her lot of time and chances to explain but she didn’t do explain. If there is who would understand the most of your daughter it would be me ibu..I guess she has her own life and I don’t want to involve with her life in anyhow.

Herhh he thinks he is so great? So cool? The F*$k he is! How come asked to meet at 2am in the morning ok in the morning with my hands and feet were freezing and shivering like hell.
Such a non tolerate man at all! Such a liar fatty pig who says "oh I won't easily give up on my friends, never" nanananana!

He is so dumbasssobastardandarrogantandeverything.

This is for what he has done to me for breaking my heart and made me pissed off with him for not so tolerate until hear my explanation not at 2AM in the morning see how soooo 'drop dead gorgeous' this man and sorry Ganga you are affected and stuck in the middle and I also enjoy to doodle your new hair hahahaahaha!