Friday, 21 April 2017

From The North to East with Yousef

"What will we do if I come to your place? I have no money, there's a lot to think about transportation and accommodation and etc."

"Just come and you will be staying in my house and we could go back to Perthlis by car. Just come ok?"

"No, I am sorry I can't."

Fuck this boy. Just go to hell. I mumble alone to let the dissatisfaction out. I eat a lot to let my anger go inside me while hoping he would change the mind. But no, he is not.

Two days later, there was a post on Facebook stated that he's going to travel by motorbike state by state and I just simply text him how come that you said you have no money and now is travelling by that motorbike. Such a liar.

"I'm gonna sleep by the street."

"Where are you now? Where are you going to sleep tonight?"

"Maybe I will have a night over at my girlfriend's place."

Feels like a big stone hitting me.

Then, on that week on Friday this human text me "See you today, now at Karak..maybe in the evening."

Whhaatt! Is he crazy? From The North, Perthlis to be exactly, coming to here in East? He is really out of mind. At the end, yes he did it and he came to the house with the green motorbike together with his backpack. I was speechless. Feeling happy and all mixed up. Yousef Hekma is in the house!