Friday, 21 April 2017

From The North To East With Yousef 2

So Yousef spent over night at the home after been convinced by me like gazillion times. It must be tiring to riding the motor non stop and with sleepless sleep more and everything. Oh god...

When he arrived, my mom who was the one welcomed him at the door and I like lightning went up stairs to change. There were come my dad babbling I shouldn't run upstairs.

Okay, he is now in front of me and both my parents sitting at dinning table having food and drink served by us while have some chit chats until we had a break cause he and me went our for this certain shop called Mr.DIY by what? Of course the bike. 

Then I brought him to the Pahang River and we sat there for a while and trying hard to convince him to stay tonight before proceed the journey to Kuantan and Terengganu. In fact he accused me in disrupting the plan for that day and made him return back to Temerloh, just to come to my place. 
He thought that I live in Kuantan, like seriously he never pay attention when I speak. 

So, he stayed! He even met my Syrian neighbor who is a not so young anymore teacher just next two doors from my house. They were talking for quite long until maghrib and he came with red face cause of crying! A lot of heart touching that man had told him it must be. 

Then, we had dinner at Centrepoint by having the scrumptious big Bawal fish bought my dad. Before that, we had some shopping at TF to buy my stuffs before going back to Perthlis by tomorrow. So we went all together. At first, Yousef said to my dad that he had stop from eating fish once had a bone stuck in his throat and you can't guess who was going to add second plate of rice afterwards! 
That man ate so eagerly and happy to have that fish entering his mouth even request for second plate of rice. Awesome dinner!

After dinner, we have a really long conversation and loads of things we talked. He was the one who talk a lot actually and I was the one who listen a lot. He has his that ability in interpersonal communication and always has something to say. Not forget to mention that sweet dimple showed everytime he is smiling. Ah melting~ 

We talked about our family, past, present and future, 

"Hey, please don't fall in love with me ok?" 

"Excuse me!"

"Moon look at me, into my eyes..." 

I looked and within second moved my face from looking into him. 

"See I don't believe you, until now I am not sure who am I to you. It is so hard to read you."

And the talk went on on and on even we felt so so sleepy and couldn't take it anymore and went for bed at almost 2 am. He asked me to wake him up at 4 am to continue the journey but yeah even me over sleep and luckily awake at 5am and straightly wake him up. 

My parents were already woke up before he left and he said this to my mom

"I'm going to called you ibu and I will consider this is my malay family and for sure I will come again to here." :)))

And off he went to Kuantan and Kemaman.